ZAK! - Blackout x Kiss Me Goodnight

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If you look at ZAK! as somebody in more hip-pop and party rap than as a rapper, you will enjoy his music more as he makes fun catchy hip-hop tracks. I would consider ZAK! chill electronica hip-hop. He has opened for Hoodie Allen and got a shout out from the ugliest player in the NBA, Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls.

First we got "Blackout Remix" which is chill sing-along party anthem. I'm loving the chorus, the instrumentals and the rapping is solid. [soundcloud url=""] Next we got "Kiss Me Goodnight" which is already one of my favorites from ZAK! as the beat is so catchy. What I like most is the anticipation in the build-up leading to the chill chorus. [soundcloud url=""]

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