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In the about me section on Vonnegutt's myspace page, the first sentence says, "Your girlfriend's favorite new band." From the above picture, words may be a bit decieving but Vonnegutt is a band to watch out for. Blasting rock rhythm's with hip-hop vocals, this pop-rock group with a hip-hop flavor is definately going to be on the radio once their album, Falling Up The Stairs get's released this summer.

The band formed in 2007 when underground hip-hop MC Kyle Lucas wanted to expland his musical tastes and put out a flyer looking to start an alternative hip-hop badn. Guitarist Neil Garrard, who at the time was doing session work for the south's biggest Rap/R&B; artists including Kelly Rowland and Pastor Troy, responded to the flyer. Within months they put out their first record, The Vice Nine EP, which gained much buzz in the internet and on college radio and in November '08, they signed with Big Boi and his Purple Ribbon Records.

With over 2 years of writing and recording, Vonnegutt finished their album, Falling Up The Stairs, which will be released later this summer. Check out their myspace page for more info on the band and below are a few of my favorite songs by Kyle Lucas and Vonnegutt.  Vonnegutt - Bright Eyes by BeforeTheBigs  Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite - Girl With Fangs by BeforeTheBigs 

Here's a video posted by Vonnegutt that gives you a better idea of their music:

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