Vote For The Final Track Of Best You Never Heard Vol. 7!

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It's that time of the year again. Another one of our infamous Best You Never Heard mixes is due to release on August 15th!

We are going with a little bit of a different approach for this one. There is already 13 great tracks confirmed which you will find out about when the mixtape officially releases a week from today. However, there will be a vote for a 14th track between now and then. We want to engage the fans more and will be giving you all the choice of three great songs by talent artists and musicians. The one with the most votes by the morning of August 15th will get the final spot.

Included are the three track options for you to listen to and then a poll to vote on which one you like the most. Listen  and make your choice carefully, you only get to vote ONE time. Enjoy!

Yury - "Landing On Stars"

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Riot !n Paris - "Disposition"

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Wild Cub - "Straight No Turns"

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