Video: Thunderbird Gerard - Thunderbird

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Thunderbird Gerard is a hip-hop artist in a new wave of rappers that replaced gold chains, luxury cars and half-naked women with having a sort of hipster-hop, popularized by Kanye and most evident in Kid Cudi, hipster-hop is fighting to become mainstream. Thanks to @JewlzieSweets, I got to hear a few tracks from Thunderbird Gerard, a rapper from New York but currently residing in Berlin, Germany. He's got some real skill and although he hasn't released a song in two months, he dropped the video to "Thunderbird" last month and it's not him and his posse just standing in front of the camera in his neighborhood but the video actually has some quality in it. When a rapper shows me a quality video, I'm interested; when not only the video, but the song, is really good, then I'm paying attention. Stream "Thunderbird". Watch "Thunderbird" below.

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