Video: The Freshmen - Here's To You ft. Samm

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The Freshmen are back with a new video! Here's the story behind "Here's To You" ft. Samm:
At some point in our lives we've all dealt with the proverbial "Hater". They come in all shapes and sizes; a school yard bully, a sh*tty boss, a so called friend, the media, etc...The list is long and not so distinguished. With their latest leak "Here's To You", The Freshmen thought it was only appropriate to release a song and a visual dedicated to our special friends, the haters. Over a dusty drum loop, some broken pianos and a beautifully scathing hook delivered by Samm, A. Wolf and Kristo wax poetic about the ups and down's we all encounter in this thing called life. So put your glasses up dearest haters, this one's for you...Thank you for everything!
Watch the video to "Here's To You" below. Previous: The Freshmen - The Fonz

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