Video: Taylor Berrett & The Wild Cover The Black Keys

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With the extensive accessibility of the internet, it isn't surprising that not even two months passes before tracks from The Black Keys latest album El Camino are covered.  Lucky for us, there is talent beyond the mainstream and frankly, it ain't so bad. Taylor Berrett's style walks a line between John Mayor and Justin Timberlake circa bringing sexy back. This characteristic bodes well for his cover of "Lonely Boy," however, his staccato and raspy style are a regular trait for the indie/blues rock genre The Black Keys fall into. New Zealand's rap-rock trio, The Wild, capture the intimacy and emotion of "Little Black Submarines" that fits the general bluesy demeanor of the original. They don't go so far as to imitate the Dan Auerbach's rocking guitar solo but this decision gives their rendition more strength in the tracks' delicacy. Stream and download below! Watch the two Black Keys video covers below!

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