Video: Smokey Robotic - Woo The Wooers *trippy must-watch video!

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"Wooing the Wooers (or seducing those who seduce us) has been our life's mission but this does not simply mean fighting the powers that dominate our culture. Our minds are also wooers of themselves and as we grow, our hearts and souls slowly attempt to woo our brains awake." - Smokey Robotic Smokey Robotic is preparing for the release of their new album, Hurricane Dove. For the next few months, SB will release selected songs to give the wooers of the world a deep look into themselves. Video animation for "Woo the Wooers" was produced by visual artist, Rachael Freedman (also worked on "SR" and "HotBrass"), part of the Smokey Robotic art collective extended family. Don't listen to "Woo The Wooers" until you watch the video! Both are below. Ain't that some trippy stuff! Subscribe to Smokey Robotic on youtube for more visually unusual music and video. Previous: Smokey Robotic - The Shark & The Helicopter

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