Video: Kinetics & One Love - Butterfly Effect *must-watch

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New Kinetics & One Love video that I highly recommend watching. It's for their song, "Butterfly Effect" which has this chill-hop vibe with real inquisitive lyrics about how everything that happens to us, even unfortunate events, could have unintended and even fortunate consequences later on down the line. "Butterfly Effect" is off Kinetics last mixtape, What Model Are You?. Watch this interesting video to "Butterfly Effect" below. The video explores how the difference between having your bag stolen by a stranger on the street and avoiding that stranger altogether could lead to two drastically different outcomes at the end of the day. In that same light, the lyrics of the song reference a relationship coming to an end, and how that breakup ultimately ed to the writing of the song "Airplanes" and a subsequent meeting with Atlantic Records, a pivotal point in the artists' career: "But if I could go back, I don't think I'd go back, I wouldn't wanna change things...I would embrace them the way you are." Tereza Kacerova, playing the lead role in "Butterfly Effect," expresses this sentiment by shrugging and smiling after having her bag stolen at the end of the video, almost as if she understands that this moment could be the cause of some unexpected, fortunate event in the near future.

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