Video: Jon Connor - Never Left

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Perhaps it's not journalistically prudent to demand that everyone listen to a certain artist. But that's why I often prefer blogging as opposed to straight journalism. And if you're a hip hop fan (or even if you're not) you should probably be listening to Jon Connor. The Flint, MI rapper is huge right now and getting bigger. He dropped his fourth mixtape of the year, the aptly-titled "While You Were Sleeping." He also just dropped a killer music video for the track, "Never Left." The video, directed by Connor's fellow Flint native and current Brooklyn-based filmaker, Jason Shaltz, matches the song perfectly. Set in a dark New York alleyway and in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge, Shaltz employs  rapid-speed cuts to blend with Connor's rapid-speed rapping. As Connor makes the transition from underground MC to a household name, videos like this go a long way to spreading his name and message.

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