Video: Jacob Es - Paranoia *Heartbeat" freestyle

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Jacob Es's new visual "Paranoia" seems boring in the beginning, but give it a minute and you'll fall in love, just like I did. If you didn't know, Jacob is rapping over the Childish Gambino banger, "Heartbeat". "Paranoia" is off Jacob Es' The Road mini-mixtape. Here is a little about the video from Jacob himself:
The Paranoia music video brings to life the debilitating reality of being your own worst enemy. When I originally wrote the first verse, I was up late having a panic attack and used the act of writing the piece to bring me back to a sense of normalcy. For the video, Ryan and I wanted to show people what the words really represent, because even though at times it seems easier to place blame elsewhere for the way we are feeling, the only person who can truly change your state of mind is yourself. We grow everyday, and constantly encounter new people and things, but in the end its the man in the mirror that you need to justify your actions to.
Watch the video to "Paranoia" below. Previous: Jacob Es - In The City -EllisD  @EllisDxX

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