Video: In The Corner (Dylan Owen feat. Kinetics)

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If there's nothing I love more, it's collaboration. Especially when one of my fave rappers gets with another talented rapper and produces something WORTH listening to. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the future of of rap is here. It's happening right now, kids. Bye bye to all the rappers with limited vocabularies, overinflated egos, and absolutely nothing to show for all their big talk. Essentially, anybody can get up on stage and throw around a few cuss words and call themselves a hustler but can you tell a STORY? A story that's real, asks deep questions, challenges social norms, empathizes with what it's like to be a struggling human being? Enter Dylan Owen, a 20 year old up and comer from Goshen,New York. The story gets better. This kid got with Jeremy Dussoliet from my all time fave rap duo, Kinetics & One Love, and cranked out a video that, after watching it more than a few times, gave me a feeling in my gut that I was witnessing the game of rap on the brink of a complete 180. These guys are telling stories that are relevant - they're making rap MATTER. The combination of Owen's fast-paced, go-hard delivery with Dussoliet's (a.k.a. Kinetics) gritty, no-nonsense, straight-from-the-gut story telling in this video is unreal. Watch "In The Corner" below. Additionally, Owen's latest EP, Keep Your Friends Close, is available for FREE download here. Stream Owen's 2010 album, Senioritis, below. [soundcloud url="" height="200" iframe="true" /] If you want to hear more from Jeremy Dussoliet of Kinetics & One Love, be sure to like the duo on facebook and grab a FREE download of all their albums and mixtapes to date here. Also make sure to like Dylan Owen on facebook and follow him on twitter.

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