Video: Dave Patten - Just For Me

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Just For Me is the first single from Dave Patten's upcoming album Gone, which will be released on February 28, 2012. The video is fun and upbeat from skyping with the girl he likes, to band rehearsal, to rooftop celebration and it would not be a Dave Patten video without having a lot of beautiful women in it. As he sings "here's to never giving up..." it not only focuses on going after the love you want, but can also be applied to life. If you have a dream that makes you happy, then you should give your all to achieving it and making it yours. Dave once again produces the song himself and even throws a twist into it adding a new dimension of sound to his arsenal of variety. Patten continues to make feel-good pop music that almost everybody can enjoy. Watch the official video to "Just For Me" below. If you want to support Dave Patten, then purchase "Just For Me" on iTunes. Previous: Dave Patten - "Just For Me" (mp3)

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