Trey Palms – While You Were Sleeping (Mixtape)

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This is what his manager had to say about Trey Palms' mixtape which dropped today:
"While You Were Sleeping" is Trey Palms' first mixtape and was recorded over the past few weeks with platinum winning producer Debonair Samir. Trey Palms has already begun work on his next mixtape which we expect to release sometime before Christmas.
My favorite tracks are Island Flake, The End, Usual Success, and On My Own. Download After the jump is the tracklisting and a brief bio on Trey Palms.The Tracklisting is as follows: 1. Final Countdown Remix (Produced by Pretty Lights, remixed by Sean Brennan) 2. Never Say Never (Produced by Deadmau5, remixed by Sean Brennan) 3. Usual Success Freestyle (Produced by The Inkredibles) 4. On My Own (Produced by Debonair Samir) 5. Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Produced by Debonair Samir) 6. Time Spent With You (Produced by Bruce Pettit) 7. 1:30am (Produced by Bruce Pettit) 8. My Way In (Produced by RedOne) 9. Island Flake (Composed by Jack Johnson, remixed by Sean Brennan) 10. Hip-Hop; You Broke My Heart (Produced by Bruce Pettit) 11. C-Ville (Produced by Misfit) 12. Miles Away From Ordinary (Produced by J.R. Rotem) Trey Palms is a Virginia native, currently attending Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore. He started recording and releasing music this past September and has enjoyed great, unexpected success since. Plans as of right now are to produce two-three more mixtapes over the next few months with platinum winning producer Debonair Samir. Trey will be touring across the country starting early 2011. If you like Trey Palms, check him out on facebook, twitter and youtube.

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