(Too Big For) Hidden Gem: The Weeknd

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The R&B of the future! The Weeknd who I have recently come across in the last couple of weeks has a voice for the ages. It's heart pounding and gets you pumped up. The Toronto based singer was first heard in late 2010 and he has quickly gained lots of popularity in the cyber world having well over 30,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter already! Back in March of this year, The Weeknd released a nine track album called House of Balloons. This is his first and so far only project of his that has been released to the project and it is amazing. This artist sings over some raging beats which adds lots of uniqueness to his style of music. Each song has it's own style adding to his credibility as a versatile artist. It's tough to call this guy a hidden gem because he has blown up way faster than most musicians have in the last couple of months. However, he has not been around for very long and is still unknown to many people so I felt it was appropriate. I love every track off of House of Balloons Take a listen and download the entire album, you will be hooked instantly! [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/665498" height="200"] Also make sure to become a fan of The Weeknd on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. This guy is blowing up very very fast and you'll want to jump on his bandwagon while he is still relatively small. Download: House of Balloons (Entire Album)

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