Download: The Wilde - This Is All For You *Mellowhop

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For any musician, Luke's ambition should be an inspiration. He sure does make being productive look easy. The newest addition to The Wilde's track list is "This Is All For You," a wobbly, anxiety-ridden stream of consciousness: "Actual me / I am actually fine / Pop two pills / And pretend I didn't have wine." Driven by an isolated guitar riff and featuring Hannah Sears during the chorus, it can be haunting and enlightening all at the same time. "Proverbial you you have nothing to fear." Listen & download below! [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] Related Articles: The Wilde - I Wish Life Was More Like Wes Anderson Movies The Wilde - SSA *hip hop, electro The Wilde - The Loneliest Ringmaster *Mellowhop The Wilde - Run feat. Lucky Fours

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