The Wilde - The Loneliest Ringmaster *Mellowhop

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Luke DeWilde returns with his new track, "The Loneliest Ringmaster". This time, Luke puts more pop into his mellowhop, using light synths and a twinkling xylophone to compliment the carnival imagery of the lyrics. His spoken word is introspective, calling himself an introvert but hopefully his play counts will go up so he doesn't have to question whether he should quit music (for the record, he shouldn't). The catchy hooks of "The Loneliest Ringmaster" even feature a female harmony and I'm not sure if he needed to actually name Tom Delonge for me to make the correlation between Tom and Luke's voices. As Luke says, "Welcome to the carnival of sounds in my brain." Enjoy "The Loneliest Ringmaster": [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] Related Article: The Wilde - SSA

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