The Wilde - SSA *hip hop, folk, electro

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Luke DeWilde (formerly of The Summer Knights) may be on to something. Granted hip hop, folk and electronic have been around for years and the mixing of the three is nothing new, The Wilde has stumbled on a fusion of these genres, appropriately titling his new album MellowHop / Electrofolk. Slowing rap down to a spoken word level combined with grungy rock guitar riffs and of course the hisses of synths, this album is definitely prospect for a jammin future. Give The Wilde's track, "SSA", a listen! Driven by a decompressed U2 "Streets Have No Name" guitar melody, "SSA" expresses Luke's exploration of folk, hip hop and electro. [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] Grab a digital download of MelloHop / Electrofolk for free at!

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