The Wilde - I Wish Life Was More Like Wes Anderson Movies

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Luke DeWilde of The Wilde is gearing up to release another album before mid-September and in doing so, is gracing Before Bigs with another one of his handcrafted mellowhop tracks! Inspired by the new Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom? Well, I can confirm that this song could at least fit comfortably amongst the mischievous young lovers expedition. Luke's spoken word reflects concerns with the instilled idea of success and love but the lack thereof, admiring characters brought to life by Wes Anderson - "In Wes Anderson films / The kids have their shit in order...The life that's on the screen / Is the way it should be". The nostalgic music-box instrumental decorates Luke's wistful musings of the love and lust of being young: "Its low-tide and I'm tired, disappointed in myself because I would have been inspired if I went back to being 12." Take a listen and feel free to connect with Luke on this one: [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] Stay tuned with Before Bigs for more news on his upcoming album! Related Articles: The Wilde - SSA *hip hop, electro The Wilde - The Loneliest Ringmaster *Mellowhop

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