The Original Airplanes

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Kinetics & One Love is an electronic/hip-hop duo from New York City. Graduates of Cornell University in 2009, Jeremy "Kinetics" Dussolliet and Tim "One Love" Sommers have recently made a huge splash in the music industry after signing with Warner Music Group as songwriters which led to them selling the rights to "Airplanes" to Warners. This helped pave the way for B.o.B's hit single which we all know and love.

Check out Kinetics & One Love's version of Airplanes.


Look out for them in the near future as they will continue to grow as singer/songwriters and listen to the songs posted here and check out their other hits off their newest mixtape Fading back to Normal at their official website Rings of Saturn (Jupiter Ace Remix) by BeforeTheBigs The New Colossus by BeforeTheBigs

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