The Mowgli's CD Release Party @ The Roxy, LA 5/8

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In a word, Los Angeles' The Mowgli's are happy. The excitement of finally releasing their debut album, Sound The Drum, was palatable as the big 8-piece hid behind a curtain for their mic checks. The crowd that follows The Mowgli's is quite a diverse one, not so surprising given their demeanor - filling The Roxy with old and young, long skirts, short shorts and even studded belts. Turns out love & happiness aren't just reserved for flower power! The benefits of releasing an album before throwing the party are that the audience already owns, loves and knows every word so this crowd didn't miss a beat once the curtain rose! The Mowgli's started things off with "Hi Hey There Hello," the first track on Sound The Drum. Their set followed the album consecutively, giving a great feel for the flow of things and testing the band's stamina - their slower songs are few and far between which makes for a great party…and a lot of sweat! The Sunset Strip's legendary Roxy Theater proved to be a great host, appropriately presenting and catering to The Mowgli's big sound. Granted, the best environment to enjoy them is probably your back yard where you have plenty room to dance and be merry. This must be the most amiable group of people, happily talking with the crowd between songs, inviting friends to the stage and Colin Dieden was even nice enough to lend his special necklace to a fan. A defining characteristic of their live performance, aside from constantly moving about, is their sense of brotherhood and togetherness. They sing, they shout, they dance all together - sharing microphones and the spotlight. Even during a solo song like "Time," a song guitarist Michael Vincze sings with an acoustic guitar, has a sense of camaraderie as his fellow mates offer back up vocals and instrumental support. "Slowly, Slowly" featured a peak in the all-around energy of the room as the band demonstrated that they practice what they preach through shouts, smiles and love for everyone in the room. The song's excitable instrumental breakdown offered everyone time to get sucked into the moment and release their free spirits. The same went for well-known single, "San Francisco," featuring more exhilarating shouts and waving hands than the recording implies. Before performing "The Great Divide," Michael announced, "this song is about how you can make every day the greatest day of your life, it's the first song we ever wrote." Producer, Christian Hand joined his friends on stage for some vocal assistance as Katie Earl finished the song with band member introductions to the crowd. The Mowgli's define an important lesson that fellow Angelino's need to learn - it's time to let go and just live! As they shout in "Carry Your Will," "Let your faith guide your fate / If you carry your will I will carry my will." Filling the percussion driven dance party void that The Local Natives have left, The Mowgli's are a guaranteed good time, even the most bitter moods can be salvaged with a dose of a Mowgli's track. Grab Sound The Drum off of their Bandcamp at a price you name for yourself. I suggest giving it a good listen below to determine how worth it the album is!

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