The Magic Beans - The Magic Beans (Free Album)

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When you talk to jam band fans, most will tell you that they never listen to studio albums. You go see bands like Phish and Umphrey's McGee for the energy and live improvisation that takes the music to a level you just can't reach in a studio environment. However, the Magic Beans, out of Boulder, Colorado, just released an album that will have you thinking a little differently. On the Beans' self-titled debut, they bring you tighter, more polished versions of the songs they've been playing live for almost a year now. On the album only one song dips below 5 minutes while the rest around right around 10 minutes long. Now, that does not mean noodling by any means. They went into the studio with a purpose. They wanted to jam hard but without losing focus. On each track, there are solos, quick changes, dips, and massive peaks, all coming together to create a real mellow listen top-to-bottom. Highlights for me from the album are the chilled out vibes of "Adonde?" the bluegrass flair on "Mountain Sky" and the space funk of "Gefiltefunk." The entire album is full of mellow vibes from a band that loves what they do. Check out the Magic Beans free album below: <a href="" _mce_href="">The Magic Beans by The Magic Beans</a> Last week, the Magic Beans killed it at the Fox Theatre in Boulder for their official album release party, and you can find all of the pictures on their Facebook.

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