The Freshmen - "Imagine" (featuring Carlos Olivero)

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[youtube UwVuig0tvXc] It's been a little while but The Freshmen are back with a brand new track. It's called "Imagine" and it features Carlos Olivero. This Bay Area hip-hop group has taken about a 6 month hiatus since their last track dropped and it's great to have a new song by them. I let them explain it: ""Imagine" is a sonic leap in time. An ode to what music used to be. Producer THX delivers another retro banger while MC's A. Wolf and Kristo pen lyrics that prove to be insightful without being pretentious. "Imagine" also features Pop/R&B singer, Carlos Olivero whose voice is a force to be reckoned with. A combination that lands somewhere between a spirited Beatles tinged opus and a flash forward to hip hop's evolution. An ode to where music used to be...or, where it should be? You decide." Download: The Freshmen - "Imagine" (featuring Carlos Olivero)

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