The Freshmen - Crickets *smooth hip-pop

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Here's some smooth hip-pop from California music duo The Freshmen. We've been following them since 2010 and their music always seems to mature with the quality of it's sound. With "Crickets" it's all about the smooth vibes from them. Sorry to rant but when will record labels hear their feel-good hip-pop vibe sound and give these guys a record deal? Here's more about the song "Crickets", which has a real interesting concept behind it. Summer time is on the horizon and The Freshmen are back with their brand-new single, "Crickets". The Freshmen use "Crickets" to describe their awkward approach to hitting on women and the rejection that comes along with it. "Crickets" is a pick up artist's nightmare and a music lover's dream. The song features vocals by,  Allan I of The League Boyz and production by The Freshmen's own, Kristo. Group members A. Wolf and Kristo spit pick up line after pick up line to an attractive but uninterested female who would rather ignore their advances rather than entertain them. "Crickets" is a tune that we can all relate to. Previous: The Freshmen - Here's To You (Video)

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