The Dance Party and Das Tapes live at Room 86

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So I saw The Dance Party twice last week, once in East Los Angeles and the 2nd most recent time last Friday night in the heart of Hollywood at Room 86. I really liked this show because both artists have been featured on our Best You've Never Heard mixes. Click more to read my review of The Dance Party and Das Tapes performance at Room 86. We arrived after 10pm, just in time to catch the last 20-30 minutes of The Dance Party's set. Just as I witnessed in the show at the Bootleg Theater, The Dance Party, once again brought a high energy performance, getting the audience to clap along to their tunes, some dancing and mostly a lot of catchy pop-rock anthems. I really liked most of their songs and it's hard to pick which I liked the most. However the one that got all the people real excited, was one of the more catchier tunes and one of the last songs they did was "Sasha Don't Sleep". Listen and download "Sasha Don't Sleep" below. [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] Next we moved over to another room to see Das Tapes, an electronic pop duo. Once again, I witnessed a killer performance from a duo that many more people need to know about! Das Tapes has a sound that reminds me of Ghostland Observatory but with a more accessible, more pop kind of sound. I think they have the potential to rock crowds as large as Ghostland but this duo has only been around since 2011 so give them time to shine. Here's my favorite they did, "Black Ferrari".

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