The Come Up - In Good Hands (Mixtape)

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Thanks to Oh So Fresh! Music and Mostly Junkfood for introducing me to The Come Up, a side-project/collaboration from Franchise and Vinny Radio of The 58s. The mixtape, In Good Hands, is 12 tracks of super smooth Pittsburgh hip-hop, entirely produced by Big Jerm of ID Labs. Everyone's been saying it, but Pittsburgh is becoming the next big hip-hop hot spot, and these guys are a big part of it. Some of my favorite tracks from the mixtape are: [soundcloud url=""] The Come Up - In Good Hands (feat. Heather Victoria) [soundcloud url=""] The Come Up - In An Instant Download: The Come Up - In Good Hands (Mixtape). Go on Twitter and follow Franchise, Vinny Radio, and Big Jerm to keep your finger on the pulse of some hot new hip-hop.

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