The birth of Seattle hip-hop

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A city you would never imagine having a hip-hop pulse, we bring you two up-and-coming hip-hop groups from the Emereld City. The melodies are hot, mostly sampled from instrumentals you wouldn't expect to hear in a hip-hop song, which enhances the song along with their rhymes.

Fresh Espresso
Originally from Michigan they met in Seattle WA and quickly began writing music together. Their beats are ahead of its time and their ryhmes aren't far behind. "Diamond Pistols" has one of the best instrumentals you have never heard. Just like their band name suggests, they are fresh like a cup of coffee to wake you up for your day.
Blue Scholars
One of the top underground hip-hop duo's in Seattle, they recently sampled Empire of the Sun's "Walking on a Dream". Check out "New People" in which they add a couple of beats to make it a very smooth hip-hop song.
Also check out Pittsburgh's finest rapper Wiz Khalifa, who raps over the same Empire of the Sun song.

We will discuss Wiz Khalifa later this week as well as Kid Cudi's newest hits.

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