The Beatles - A Day In The Life (Voodoo Farm Remix)

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voodoo farm Today we have Voodoo Farm's most recent remix. The DJ/Filmmaker's latest project has found him remixing the famous Beatles track, "A Day in the Life". Voodoo Farm not only creates awesome music but is also in the business of making awesome visuals to go along with his tracks. This remix is no different and is his first journey into the cartoon animation world. The video really compliments the track in every sense. This remix has a massive bass line, thumping kick drums, and synths that melt your face. Definitely download this track cause it is a flat out dubstep banger. [soundcloud url=""] Download The Beatles- A Day In The Life (Voodoo Farm Remix) Watch the official music video to Voodoo Farm's remix of The Beattles "A Day In The Life". Like Voodoo Farm on Facebook

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