The 80′s Return with a Twist….

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You probably have never heard of Theophilus London but a year from now, you probably will. The Brooklyn native is ahead of his time mixing all sorts of genres of music together, which has a bit of an 80's music feel to some of his tracks. Most of his tracks start off slow and build up over time. He also sounds very indie and alternative and mixing that in with his rapping produces an awesome track. He is a bit different and it may take a little while for him to grow on you, but give him time and keep listening to him and I am positive you will enjoy this young up- and-comer. His vocals remind me of Kid Cudi in a lot of ways.

Here is a few of his songs from his mixtapes "Green Label Sound" and "I Want You." You could download his entire "I Want You" mixtape at his Official Website.  Give it up Dad by BeforeTheBigs  Humdrum Town by BeforeTheBigs  Oops (Tweet Cover) by BeforeTheBigs  Pyromiltia by BeforeTheBigs


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