The 58s - The 58s (Mixtape)

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Who would've thought Pittsburgh would be a mecca of hip-hop? The 58s are the latest group to come out of the Steel City, and their debut, self-titled mixtape is a seriously impressive body of work. The collective, consisting of B.White, Franchise, Vinny Radio, Ghosty, Mayo, and Primavera Vills, are an eclectic bunch. The songs range from weed smoking chill-outs to more street songs, all maintaining a real original, old school sound. Each lyricist shines throughout the tape and the beats are produced by many of the area's great producers, including Big Jerm and Khrysis. Some highlights from the tape include: [soundcloud url=""] "Daydreamin" [soundcloud url=""] "The Formula" This mixtape is seriously awesome and definitely a must download. You can get it off datpiff. When you're done, follow The 58s on Facebook and Twitter.

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