The 2nd Annual Hudson Block Party Featuring DWNTWN and Saint Motel

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(Pictured above; DWNTWN at the 2nd Annual Hudson Block Party) Last Sunday was present at the 2nd Annual Hudson Block Party in West Hollywood. The Hudson is a bar which is a Los Angeles staple. It was already extremely popular. However, adding this block party to the mix made took the stop to a whole other level. It was really simple for them as all they did was rent the parking lot of the Bank of America next door and essentially blocked off part of the street to connect it with the Hudson. There were two stages, food, beverages and all around fun. I was only there for a about four hours but saw two really good acts that I have been following for a while. They were DWNTWN and Saint Motel, both Los Angeles based and very up-and-coming. They are exactly what electro-pop and alternative rock should be. They bring tons of energy and both have a very original sound, unique in their own ways. As a whole this event was a huge success and is only going to get bigger as each year goes by. For it being only the second year in existence, roughly around 1,000 people showed up which is REALLY good. I can only image what the crowd will be like next year. Take a listen to my favorite song by DWNTWN and Saint Motel performed at this event. DWNTWN - "Dark Transition": Saint Motel - "1997"

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