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The Pass recently released the first single off their upcoming album Melt. Here's what The Pass had to say to us about the song and the upcoming album:
We're very excited to share our first single, "Without Warning", off our second LP, Melt.  For close to two years now we've been working on Melt and had the wonderful mixing help of Alex Aldi who recently finished up work with the new Passion Pit and Holy Ghost!.  We're staying a little mum on the release date/label for now, but wanted to give a taste off our new record which as all bands who send their work to bloggers...we hope you enjoy. Melt is the culmination of taking a lot of our goals when we started our band and combining it with all the things we learned being together for two and a half years.  Everything you learn on the road......what works and what doesnt......what you like and what you dont, what makes people want to smile or scratch their heads.  Ultimately, our goal was still to make a fun album but also reach new levels of emotion.....nostalgia and intrigue, longing and desire, complacency or heartbrokenness. Some songs have a bit darker or experimental sound than our previous album while others would be very at home at a disco.
Stream and DOWNLOAD "Without Warning" below. It's a MUST-LISTEN indie electronic rock song! Previous: The Pass - Vultures

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