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I'm proud to have graduated high school and college but I understand that some people are not as fortunate as me to have the resources to graduate high school. However after checking out GRE Prep Book I feel that if I to pursue additional education, that using this website would be helpful in getting me into graduate school The site was founded by intelligent graduate students from UC Berkeley and includes free practices tests, free practice questions and what seems like good preparation for an individual to pass the GRE and enter graduate school. They say that the more education an individual gets, the more money they make. With affordable prices like GRE Prep Book, it's worth the money if you need help in passing the GRE. I have never taken the test but better understand the work needed to be put in with the website showing a graph which shows the amount of studying for the GRE with the scores people have gotten through the amount they have studied. Lastly another facet of this website that intrigues me is various pages covering the different parts of the GRE test. If I'm looking to improve in a specific area, I can easily click that subject and figure out how to improve my skills on it. So if you're looking to continue your education and attend graduate school, consider GRE Prep Book as a resource to help you get there.

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