Sourface - Social Therapy Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

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A lot of people who listen to hip-hop keep telling me that most people don't focus on the beats enough. After listening to Sourface's brand of instrumental hip-hop, I completely agree. Sourface's Social Therapy Vol 2 mixtape is basically a beat tape, but I found it actually more compelling then a good amount of the rappers in the game today. Sourface is based out of the UK, but his beats are soulful, conscious, and dare I say, reminescent of everyone's favorite producer, 9th Wonder. It's crazy, I've never enjoyed instrumentals as much as I have with Sourface. Check out his take on Jay Z's classic track "Song Cry." He takes it in a completely different direction, turning it into a soulful classic. [soundcloud url=""] You can download Social Therapy Vol 2 here.

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