Soundcloud's Best: March *Heights NS, Johnny Astro, Twin Falcons, Tyson Willert

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Here's 4 of the best song submissions from relatively unknown acts that more people need to know about including Heights NS, Johnny Astro, Twin Falcons and Tyson Willert. First we got Heights NS opening things up with "Back In The Day". Hard to categorize this, I would say alternative/electronic/hip-hop as there is influences of all three heard with this musician. Unfortunately that's about all I could tell you about this artist as he's real new on the scene. Here's another artist with an alternative/electronic/hip-hop vibe but more on the dance-pop side than rock side with the previous act. Johnny Astro is from Dallas, has a unique style and could really catch people's attentions with "Fuckin Numb" if there was some more bass, drums and guitar on this song. Twin Falcons is an electronic/pop/rock trio from Los Angeles with a smooth sound. "Glow In The Dark" is the track they sent me, it's about 6 minutes long but it's real chill on a Sunday afternoon such as this. Lastly we got Tyson Willert, an Australian Citizen with a European passport who DJs in LA. With his track "Der Riese" it's got a grimey house sound and shows this dude has some potential with his tunes. Vote for your favorite track below: [poll id="11"]

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