Soundcloud's Best: January 2012 *Damien J. Carter, Gabe and Benny, Matt Balfe, Cypher Clique

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Here's our best soundcloud submissions from January. Make sure to share tracks with us to our soundcloud! The first track is from Damien J. Carter and Claudio Lari, two up-and-coming DJs from Europe. They just released a free banging track called "Pyro" that is a must-listen if you like electro-house music. If Rebecca Black was couple of males instead of a young girl and liked to do some rapping with her subpar vocals, this is what she would sound like. Check out Gabe and Benny's "Party", it's got a fun pop vibe with brief moments of rap and dubstep and the singers saying the word "Party" a lot. Download the song on their website. Next is Matt Balfe with "Give Myself to You". I think the track needs some vocals and maybe a remix/refix from Balfe or some other DJ. The Australian DJ who does mostly house, electro and dance club type music is an up-and-comer to be on the lookout for! Lastly we end with some chill sampled hip-hop from Cypher Clique. They sample Pete Rock, and have some dope rhymes over the old school hip-hop jam. I look forward to more original material from Cypher Clique but for now I can dig this old school vibe. Vote on your favorite track below!  [poll id="7"]

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