Soundcloud's Best: February *Sound Avatar, Mac Sharks, Kat Krazy, Jef-n-Tim

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So we got four banging electronic songs that we believe were our best soundcloud song submissions of February. If you think you got tracks better than this, please share to our soundcloud dropbox. Check out all our best soundcloud submissions here. First we got a three song set from Sound Avatar, whose cutting edge music production, creativity and innovation is ready to be showcased in his first full length EP. This EP ranges from Dubstep to Moombahcore, mixing dj experience, diverse drum patterns and heavy bass drops into one monstrous package. Next comes Mac Sharks whose progressive house sound keeps us paying attention to his improvements as a DJ. This time he does a banging remix to Beyonce's "End of Time" so at least there's excellent vocals to go along with the house style of Sharks. Here's another remix, this time from Kat Krazy to a Foster the People song. No it's not a remix to "Pumped Up Kicks" but it's to FTP's next single "Don't Stop". This has Columbia and Sony Records behind it so you know Kat Krazy's has the support to become a huge DJ act. Keep an eye on this artist as they really change up the original FTP song adding some nice complexions in the electronic synths. Lastly we got Jef-n-Tim with a track called "Woopie". This has an electro-house sound, nice progressions to it and overall tells me the Jef-n-Tim duo have some potential. Vote on your favorite track below! [poll id="8"] Previous: Soundcloud's Best: January 2012

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