Soundcloud's Best: April *Adam Abbot & 12 Planet, Pevin Kinel, Tunji and Adrian Lau

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Real busy week so I didn't have a ton of time to explore all our soundcloud submissions of April but from what I did hear, these were my four favorites: Adam Abbot & 12 Planet collaborate to release this slick dubstep song "Good Guys". Unfortunately no download link but if you dig dubstep then you might really like this. I have no idea who Pevin Kinel is but his song "Fake ppl" is a nice little alternative pop jam that has a video with it. The song starts real slow and has a simple tone to it. Some may enjoy, others may dismiss after the 30 seconds, somehow it sticks with me. If you dig visuals, then please listen and watch the video for the song "Fake ppl" on vimeo. Tunji is an artist that says, "Fuck Love". "Four Letter Word" is about his hatred for the word love. The beat is interesting and the lyrics are like the opposite of the majority of songs. It's an atypical hip-hop song, so if your looking for something different in rap, this may be it. Lastly comes a hip-hop song with retro soul type of sound. It's got a chill vibe, I love the beat, the rapping is alright and overall is a smooth hip-hop song worth a listen. Here's the music video Adrian Lau did for the song. [poll id="15"]

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