Sound FX - "Ode To The Stars"

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Los Angeles based hip-hop duo Sound Fx released another new track called "Ode To The Stars", which is a remix to "Life Off" from the Watch The Throne album. I will say, it is a solid remix with great rapping. Below is what Sound FX told us about this track:
"Ode To The Stars" was originally meant to be a bonus track on our album The Sunset LP but we decided to liberate the track a bit early just to showcase the type/style of music we have been working on and to let the world get a feel of what The Sunset LP will sound like. The song, produced by Montana Morris, is our remake of Watch the Throne's "Lift Off". We wanted to rework the whole song and give it a different feel by leaving the main elements of the original but adding our own Sound FX vibe to it.
This duo has really improved their work and they will only get better. Expect more from them in the very near future. In the mean time, enjoy "Ode To The Stars".
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