Songs of the Week August 15-22, 2013

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Below I've listed various new songs that I'm really liking. If you want to read more about the songs and why I dig them, click read more below. If not, stream BtB's songs of the week directly below. New favorite of the week: Treasure Fingers & The Knocks - "My Body" Two of my favorite DJs I've seen live decide to collaborate!?! This is a dream come true for you disco-house heads out there. including myself. Treasure Fingers and The Knocks create a smooth track that is so easy to dance to, and is pretty catchy. Below stream the Original mix of "My Body" and DOWNLOAD here. Also watch the official video! Best new remix: St. Lucia - Elevate (Passion Pit remix) So I love the original St. Lucia maybe a bit more but whenever Passion Pit uses something, whether it's PS 22 Chorus in the backing vocals on some tracks from Manners to their numerous remixes, they almost always come through! With Passion Pit's remix of "Elevate" they add some slick synths and although it sometimes sounds a bit contrasting to St. Lucia's vocals on the hook, the beat builds up nicely and starts clicking near the end.  Stream the remix below and listen to the original "Elevate" here. Newcomer of the Week: Lovelife I wish I remember how I came across Los Angeles electro chill pop band Lovelife, maybe through using Songza on my phone or some LA band recommending them, either way I'm slowly becoming a big fan. Their vibe is really 80's but minus suffering through cheesy dancing while listening to them. I like them because I can experience singing along and dancing to their tunes do to the upbeat tunes and catchy hooks. Stream their recent release "Stateless" below and if you like that, check out their soundcloud for FREE DOWNLOAD links to their last two EPs and links to follow them online. Catchy pop song that's impossible to hate: Radical Something - "Spraypaint" I try to find reasons not to like Radical Something (besides their manager never hooking it up with press passes and we went to the same college!) but their music is impossible not to like; it's catchy chill pop that any Cali kid would like. It's infectious and simply amazing how almost every track Radical Something has this fun vibe that's really hard not to like and with their latest release "Spraypaint", they continue the catchy pop vibe. Watch the oficial video below. Try not to nod your head while listening to thisRAC"Let Go" (ft. Kele & MNDR) I don't like this as much as RAC's last originally produced summer jam, "Hollywood", but this is still have that fun chill dance vibe that keeps you listening with the simple funky bass line, handclaps and MNDR's vocals have this "I never want summer to end" tone to it that I just love. Stream "Let Go" below. Thanks for the Recommendation: Tales In Space - "In A Million Places At Once" Shit I forgot who recommended this to me but I know it was an awesome Australian band that posted "In A Million Places At Once" on their facebook, I decided to listen and fell in love with the beat. The guitar really makes this electro pop song great from Aussie band Tales In Space. For the California kids: Drop City Yacht Club - "Dreamin California" Previously known as The Freshmenthey changed their name to Drop City Yacht Club this year, got a record deal, released a mainstream hit with Jeremih, "Crickets", and are on tour spreading the good California vibes. Here's the song that turned me into a huge fan, "Dreamin California", in which they recently released a new music video for. Watch the new music video for "Dreamin California" below. If you are in LA next Tuesday, cop tickets to see Drop City Yacht Club open for Goodie Mob. Can't wait for what's nextAntonio Paul - "Coloured Screens"  I can't wait for what's next from Antonio Paul because I see a growth in their music that leads me to believe a North American tour in 2014 that would create an immense growth in fans would send Antonio Paul to getting a major record label much like Strange Talk. Anything from Australia that has an indie pop vibe is gold and one day I'll create a playlist to show you why. But until then, listen to Antonio Paul's latest track "Coloured Screens" and DOWNLOAD here. The track kind of reminds you of the smooth appeal of Justin Timberlake, which I'm obsessed with. Underrated new dance trackAmtrac - "Walkin'" Amtrac is a dope DJ, plain and simple. Almost everything he puts out will get you to groove as he's got this chill deep house vibe that's fun on the feet. Stream and download "Walkin'" below. Remember how great this song was: TLC - No Scrubs This was my jam in 5th grade, I couldn't stop singing it along. When I was in grade school loving the song, I never really read the lyrics and took time to understand what the song is about, it was just so catchy. So why am I bringing up TLC, well VH1 is putting out a film in October on the highest grossing female R&B group of all time and personally I can't wait to see how it's different from any regular Behind The Music stuff they put out. Here's a trailer to the upcoming TLC movie "CrazySexyCool" and watch the official video to "No Scrubs" below. Why is this FREECollin McLaughlin - "Light This Fire" Collin McLaughlin has put out a radio hit, too bad major record labels are not clawing at the teeth to sign him, he's got an incredible voice and if  he produced this as well, I'm stunned! "Light This Fire" is a progressive house track that is a dance club banger you will rage to! Stream and DOWNLOAD below. Hip-Hop act I loved is back with a new producer: Chiddy Bang - Breathe (Prod. by Yuri Beat$) In May, Xaphoon Jones decided to leave Chiddy Bang. He was the main producer for aboug 3 years and at one point were one of my favorite hip-hop acts as they took indie songs sampling them to create something new and fun with a hip-hop sound. This new track produced by Yuri Beat$ has a chill vibe with dope flow from Chiddy and a hook you can bob your head to. It's definitely more laid back than previous Chiddy Bang material but I can dig the new vibe. Stream "Breathe" below. Lastly, don't forget to "Take Back The Night", the song that I absolutely cannot get out of my head. JT can you donate some of your smoothness to me pretty please. Tomorrow's Friday and I get the pleasure to see Gavin DeGraw at work so look out for a review on his 3-song performance coming later this weekend. I freaking hope he sings "Chariot" but I'm expecting new songs which won't disappoint.

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