Shontelle – “DJ Made Me Do It” x No Gravity (album)

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First thing that came to mind when I heard Shontelle's "DJ Made Me Do It"; American Estelle. Funny because their artist names sound similar too. "DJ Made Me Do It" a nice relaxing R&B; track with a great Asher Roth feature near the end of the track. Shontelle featuring Asher Roth – DJ Made Me Do It

I first discovered the Barbados-born singer-songwriter within the last week but she released her debut album, Shontelligence in November 2008, and last Tuesday released No Gravity (Download here).

Here are two of the first singles off No Gravity. Shontelle - Impossible Shontelle - Perfect Nightmare
Check out Shontelle's website for more on her. Enjoy!

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