Savoy, Jupiter & More Rock Dim Mak Studios

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Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood have been known for their great shows on Tuesdays and this past one further explains why they are so great. EDM duo Savoy, Jupiter and Burn Unit, among others rocked a pack house of energetic party goers. Apparently  LA Riots, performed as a secret guest. I did not see that part of the show but I bet it was awesome.

I started my night with Burn Unit. He is a house DJ based in Los Angeles. The place wasn't super packed yet but there were still a lot of people watching him spin. He was not amazing but still pretty solid. Below is his 30 minute set called "Part I: The Afterparty" which has a very similar vibe to what he played at Dim Mak the other night.

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Next I saw Jupiter, an Electro Disco Funk duo originally from Paris France. They put on a great show and their vibe really set up the night perfectly for Savoy to come on stage next. Check out a mini-mix of Jupiter's upcoming album Juicy Lucy. Many of these tracks were played during their set.

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The night really got popping off was when Savoy came on stage. Not only did the venue fill up faster than college kids passing around a bong, but they even brought on a very talented female vocalist by the name of Heather Bright to add authenticity to their performance.

I've been saying it for a while and I'll mention it again, DJ's need to start bringing singers on stage with them. It brings their shows to a whole new level and it was apparent last night. Check out my favorite song of there's live called "We Are The Sun". Enjoy!

[soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

As a whole, a very enjoyable show. Wish I could've stayed longer to see LA Riots but I still had an amazing time!

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