Rusko – Dubsteppin’ his way to the top

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Rusko is a dubstep music producer and DJ from the UK. Above is the official music video for "Hold On", a club dance song, not too much dubstep, but this is.

Rusko is not only one of the most popular dubstep artists but he has worked with M.I.A., Rihanna, T.I., Britney Spears and Sam Adams.

Why am I writing about Rusko, a dubstep artist in a genre we usually don't cover. I think he is an awesome music producer and I really like the songs he's made and hope you enjoy them as well.

In May 2010, Rusko released his debut album O.M.G.! which boosted his exposure further and more in the US. Here are two of my favorites by Rusko, "Da Cali Anthem", "How Lo Can U Gizzo" and "Hold On"  Rusko- Da Cali Anthem by HighestCulture  How Lo Can U Gizzo - Rusko by sam3nk92  Hold On ft. Amber Coffman by Rusko 
I hope you enjoy and if you like Rusko, check out his myspace for tons of new music from him including remixes to many popular songs.

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