Review: Years & Years and Tei Shi live at The Wiltern

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Last Wednesday I went to The Wiltern to see Tei Shi and Years & Years live at The Wiltern. It was a great show and mostly worth the price of admission as Years & Years was incredible and Tei Shi was pretty decent in getting the crowd in the right mood for the sold out show. Read more for my review. Tei Shi came on at about 8pm we got there around 8:10 so we didn't miss much. Only two songs she performed really stood out to me, "Go Slow" and "Bassically" in which Years & Years lead singer, Olly Alexander, came out and it really brought the crowd to some major woos and screaming like a little girl. It was truly remarkable to see women of all ages screaming like little girls when Olly Alexander came out to see with Tei Shi to close out her set with "Bassically", a intimate electro pop/R&B jam that is hyper sexual and really gets you into the mood. Watch "Bassically" and "Go Slow" below. After Tei Shi finished we waited about 40 minutes and then Years & Years came on to hundreds of screams and cheers. This was the act I paid money to see so it was very exciting to hear them do my favorites like "Desire", "King" and "Take Shelter" and "Shine". They were electrifying as it was very upbeat, you could feel the feelings expresssed by Olly Alexander in his voice in the singing and it was an awesome show. I don't think Olly has the greatest voice which sometimes hurts when he wants to hit the high notes but its nonetheless tons of fun if you are looking to sing along to the hooks and dance your ass off, which is what I love doing during the live show. One thing they can improve is lighting that is more in sync with the music being performed to create more of a dance party feel. Stream all my favorites below.

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