Review: Wildcat! Wildcat!, Body Parts, Scavenger Hunt, Mt. Ossa live

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This past Friday, I was given the ultimate Echo Park music fan hall pass, I got all-access into two venues in one night, enjoying Scavenger Hunt upstairs at The Echo and Mt. OssaBody Parts, and Wildcat! Wildcat! downstairs at Echoplex. It was quite the night of good alternative dance pop music and I'll try to recap what I enjoyed most below. First I got there and enjoyed Mt. Ossa. They jammed out and did their thing, I wish I remember more of their set but I remember people really enjoying "Love Jam", watch that below. Next I went upstairs to enjoy Scavenger Hunt, who are an indie electro pop group that is going to blow up. Signed to Roc Nation's management, they will get a record deal in late 2014 and release a fantastic debut EP later this year or debut album in 2015. They are a fun group live, I just wish the two chicks would sing together more often as I enjoy those parts of their set the most. Stream and download "Dreamers" below. Next I went back downstairs to Echoplex to catch a little Body Parts before Wildcat! Wildcat! Body Parts felt kind of emo and not the happiest of music but it was fun and hipsters got to dance a little before the headlining act came on as they have this nostalgic 80's dance thing going on in their live set. I remember them performing "Desperation" the most so watch that below. Lastly came headliner Wildcat! Wildcat!, a band pretty much impossible to put into one specific genre. They covered Genesis which was quite awesome and everybody was dancing and/or singing along when they finished their set with "Mr. Quiche". This group is so interesting, you need to see them live which won't help you figure out their style but at least you will become more intrigued in who they are and deep down inside begging for more new music from them. Watch "Mr. Quiche" below, it's a weird video.

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