Review: Walk The Moon, Saint Motel and Holychild at The Greek Theatre

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The best concert I attended this year was seeing Walk The Moon, Saint Motel and a bit of HOLYCHILD live at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. It was an incredible show mostly because of Walk The Moon, Saint Motel and the perfect weather at the magical outdoor intimate venue of The Greek, where almost a full moon led to an incredible night of catchy tunes. Didn't exactly see  but we did hear this song as we entered the venue, so watch the videos to "Happy With Me", the last song they performed and my favorite from the brat pop duo. Next Saint Motel came on stage and jammed out with this artsy atlernative pop and some electro-swing vibe that is really fun to vibe to. I've been a fan of this band for a long time, even seeing them at this free event at Siren Studios like 4-5 years ago that also featured Hanni El Khatib performing, free beer and free food. It was my first time discovering Saint Motel and ever since I've been a fan. While Saint Motel only performed 8 songs, they performed most of my favorites with lots of energy and a full band that all seemed to get down to some good electro pop melodies. My favorites they performed included, "Benny Goodman", "Puzzle Pieces" and "My Type". I wish they performed "Butch" and "To My Enemies" but overall enjoyed their set and they really got some of the crowd on their feet in anticipation for Walk The Moon. Lastly came my favorite headliner, Walk The Moon. My second time seeing them, but first time seeing them perform a full set in a huge setting, they were AMAZING live! One of the best bands I've ever seen live and even though there were 2-3 songs they didn't play that I really wanted to hear, I enjoyed just about every song from their impressive 16-song set at The Greek. Instead of "Jenny" and "Come Under The Covers" and "Lisa Baby", they should perform "Shiver Shiver", "Quesadilla" and "Next In Line". However 16 songs was more than enough to satisfy my hunger to see them live and they killed it, always playing songs that got people dancing and singing along. Highly recommend seeing them live if you like singing and dancing to music. Here's the songs that were better live than their recorded version: "Avalanche", "Work This Body", "I Can Lift A Car" and their last song and my all-time favorite, "Anna Sun".

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