Review: Trombone Shorty at the Santa Monica Pier

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Two weeks ago I saw the best FREE concert ever in Trombone Shorty at the Santa Monica Pier. Read my review below. My buddies and I got there after the opening act, Dustbowl Revival was done and just as Trombone Shorty was about to start. It was packed at the Santa Monica Pier for this show and yet we got center stage area view from about 200-250 feet from the stage as we snuck in and moved our way to the best view possible. Trombone Shorty straight up jams out. If you like bands with many instrumentalists aka, a big band, then you will dig Trombone Shorty as he not only toots that horn with flair that's incomparable to any of his peers who play a horn instrument, but he also raps/sings and him and his band really get into it in terms of energy. The crowd was digging his music as well and you could see several people dancing to the jamming out of Trombone Shorty and his band. Orleans Avenue. It's hard to pick a favorite track because I liked just about everything he performed, including his early 2000's hip-hop to tracks from Mystikal, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and much more. What an impressive show and the fact it was free for everybody of all ages made it even better. Here's a 3-song set from a live performance Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue did on radio station KDHX. Also here's a spotify stream of his latest album, Say That To Say This.

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