Review: The Wyld at Bardot's It's A School Night

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New Zealand alternative hip-hop trio The Wyld made their US performance debut with an intimate show at Bardot in Hollywood, California to a packed house. During the show, I spotted my friend and rapper @KoshaDillz and we were able to discuss the performance we were watching. To be honest, I hate to talk bad but I wasn't impressed with The Wyld at all. This is a band I've been following since fall 2010 when they came onto the scene with "Revolution" and followed that up with "Full Circle" nearly a month later in late 2010. I became a huge fan and thought they had a ton of potential as they had this Kid Cudi with a Cage The Elephant vibe. They didn't release anything for a while until fall 2013 with the release of Abstract EP, which really disappointed me as there was only 1 song from it, I've since continued to enjoy, "Wake Up" plus their new edit of "Revolution". So back to the show, I felt their was a lack of energy from the band. This would be attributed to their equipment getting stolen a few days prior to the performance Monday but maybe they were intimidated to be performing in front of all these arms-folded Los Angelino hipsters? I think The Wyld will figure out how to appease the US crowd more as they get more performances under their belt but in the meantime keep an eye out on them and I recommend checking out their material as there is serious potential. My favorites I saw them perform live were "Wake Up", "Revolution" and "Full Circle".

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