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First of all, The Ranch Party was awesome even though most of what I remember was being stuck in over an hour of traffic to check-in, the school bus ride that took us to and from the festival and how many people were camping out was ridiculous! Overall I had a great time and below I will recap most of what I remember at The Ranch Party which includes reviews of The Record CompanyNeo Fresco, Terraplane SunMansions on the Moon, and Kisses.I was hoping to get there around 4:30 to catch electronic pop act Zak Waters but with construction on the 405 freeway, it took me over 2 hours to get to the check-in point at which point we waited to get on old school busses which would take us to Topanga Canyon, where all the fun really began! We get there around 6:30 and start walking down a large hill where we see plenty of colorful lights, people of all ages (including kids, yikes), and music, tents, food, drinks and other madness. As we stroll down the hill, I hear the soulful sounds of The Record Company, who just jam out and get the crowd going. I was a bit on the fence with their music as I felt it was pretty slow and not enough dancing/singing along to my liking but when I heard them live, it was bliss. To hear live music after over 3-4 hours of working to get to The Ranch Party, The Record Company were a nice start to my night as they got the crowd to sing and dance along to their tunes. My favorite song that everybody was getting good vibes from was "Don't Let Me Get Lonely". After seeing The Record Company, we strolled on down to the DJ Canyon stage, which had plenty of lights, lasers and dancers. When I got there, Mystery Skulls was just finishing his set and Neo Fresco was ready to bring his trap shit to the canyons. I was in a pretty good mood at that point so when the trap came on, everybody was dancing crazy and having a good time! I honestly don't remember anything he played so I'll give you my favorite remix he put out in the last six months. After that I went back up the hill for some food, more alcohol and Terraplane Sun, who rocked out and were very fun to watch. I don't remember much of it but I liked how they had this upbeat rock vibe and recommend catching them before one of their songs gets licensed for something awesome and everybody knows about them. My favorite song was one of the last they performed and one of their newest, "Get Me Golden" which reminds me of Foster The People but less annoying lead vocals. Next I remembered seeing one of my favorite acts of the event, Mansions On The Moon. All their songs have this indie dance rock vibe that is best captured live and they got tons of folk dancing with their tunes. I'll leave you with their last Lightyears EP below. Lastly I caught chill indie pop act Kisses. Things were pretty hazy when I caught them but what I remember was dancing quite a bit and easily being able to sing along to songs I had never heard before. Kisses impressed me a lot by how much fun and relaxing their sound is and I'm now a huge fan of them. My favorite was "Funny Heartbeat". Listen and DOWNLOAD. Unfortunately because I couldn't camp out and the last shuttle was at 1:30am, I wasn't able to catch much of The Internet or Goldroom. Overall I had a blast as The Ranch Party created a real unique one-day festival experience and I loved all the acts I saw perform. For some interesting pictures and a more entertaining and detailed story of the night, read Supergoodmusic's review of The Ranch Party.

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