Review: The Griswolds and Strange Talk at The Satellite

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Last Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing two rising Australian acts at The Satellite, The Griswolds and Strange Talk. The Griswolds were a ton of fun, lots of energy, easy to sing/dance along and definitely can see them performing at larger venues which is important for a rising band. Not enough people know about this group and I'm glad the person who does PR for both fans convinced me to also see The Griswolds. Stream my two favorites, "Heart of a Lion" and "Mississippi", two songs I absolutely love because of the harmonized vocals to start the song and the energy that carries throughout the songs. Next came headliner Strange Talk, an indie electro pop band from Australia that deserves way more attention than they are getting, but that should soon change once their debut album comes out and everybody falls in love with their tunes as much as me. I loved and knew almost every song they performed, especially my old favorites "Eskimo Boy" and "Climbing Walls" but when they closed out with "Falling In Love" I think everybody fell in love... with Strange Talk's music! It's upbeat and easy to dance to, I can't wait for more new tunes from them. Watch the video to "Falling In Love" below, it's electro pop club banger that should be all over American radio stations!

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