Review: The Dustbowl Revival at The Mint *must-see band!

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One of the most underrated live bands is The Dustbowl Revival. The Venice beach collective plays a variety of music from old school country honkey tonk to indie rock to catchy pop. There's nothing Dustbowl Revival can't play and they seem to always prepare a different set for each performance they do bringing on various musicians as well. It was also the violinist's birthday so there were many violin solo's which you don't see very often and was quite awesome. Read more below. Everybody in Dustbowl Revival is extremely talented and if you ever hear about an upcoming performance from them, stop what you're doing and plan to go see them live, as it's an amazing experience. They are one of the most fun bands to watch as they are lively, everybody in the band gets their shine with a solo, singing, dancing, whatever it is everybody gets put in the spotlight and comes through big time. I have nothing but great things to say about this California folk band who blends genre, can play any type of music and seems comfortable playing and entertaining crowds of all sizes, they have that diversity in their music and cater to a diverse audience of music lovers. Hard to figure out any particular songs I loved the most from this band, but their "When The Saints Go Marching In" cover/mashup was quite awesome! Here's video from them performing their latest release, "Feels Good", expect an official music video before years end. "Feels Good" The Dustbowl Revival (Live in Philadelphia) from The Dustbowl Revival on Vimeo.

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